Yes! You read it right. We. Have. Jeffrey. Campbell. Now. Our advice? DON’T remain calm.

Because we’re pretty sure it will sell out proportionally to how good they look (so, pretty pretty fast!).

blog4aJeffrey Campbell, Fin Boots, HERE.

So, here’s the thing. Snakes are crazy popular right now. Not the animal (I mean, maybe?) but the print (!!!). And if the pattern wasn’t enough, just look at the heel! No more studs would fit in that piece of metal. And they’re just the right amount.

There boots are the coolest to pair with a chic dress (deconstruct your look away) and with a casual jeans look. Having them in your closet means having a boot that will take any look to the next level.

And if you’re a friend of bright colors, scroll up a bit to find these boot’s sisters, also available in red (and even with more studs!). I know what you are thinking: we had to make that choice even more difficult.

Well, to help: if you have a lot of colorful clothes, go for the black and white ones; this way, you can wear them over and over again and no outfit will not look good. If, on the other hand, you’re a monochromatic fan and neutral colors are your thing, try the red Jeffrey Campbell’s to add a colorful touch to your every day looks. If your closet has everything – well, just go for both.

blog3Jeffrey Campbell, Walton Boots, HERE.

Now, let’s face it. If you don’t have a pair of black boots, you’re committing a fashion crime. I mean – what do you wear on your feet when nothing else looks good?? Jeez, I’m stress sweating already. Having black boots are a Fashion Rule 001! And Rule 002 is you definitely have to own more than one black boot pair.

And these Jeffrey Campbell… They’re just trendy. Simple doesn’t have to be boring, and this is proof: a silky finish, studs on the edges and a geometric heel. These boots are just to perfect.

blog2Jeffrey Campbell, Tooney Boots, HERE.

Last but not least, cowboys. Cowboys EVERYWHERE. Every fashion victim has a pair of these western inspired shoes and the reason is pretty evident. It’s ’cause they just look SOOOO cool. So how do you know you have a Cowboy in your hands? First, the sole: you’ll have a small rectangular heel and a sole that goes beyond the shoe itself. Then, the ankle cut: a circular V with the lowest point at the front. And finally, a pattern that gives it an extra trendiness.

And these Jeffrey Campbell’s have it all! All you need is to get them because I’m sure you’re already making up outfits in your head.

Now? Time to choose.


Good luck 😘

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