This is just what you needed to get ready for the Fall. A new drop of accessories, with autumnal prints, geometric shapes and warm colors. Embrace the new season with Gustoko by Paula Figueras. This collection has unique handwoven clutches, that are ready to rock your outfit, by adding trendy and fancy features. We are sure that you will feel super distinctive, like a person who has just bought THE bag of this season.


Gustoko, Jasmine Ancestral Black Clutch, HERE
Gustoko, Naomi Fire Clutch, HERE


Gustoko, Jasmine Ancestral Olive Clutch, HERE
Gustoko, Naomi Natural Clutch, HERE

These Gustoko accessories can be used with your everyday pieces, and they will be the key of your look. You can also use them with an elegant and sophisticated dress, to add some color or simply to make the difference. You can use them as clutch, handbag or shoulder bag. So, are you sure you want to let these beauties fly away?


Gustoko, Jasmin Ancestral Red Clutch, HERE
Gustoko, Naomi Pearl Clutch, HERE


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