Who doesn’t love Alice McCall? It’s got everything: romance, a flair of sexy and class. We have just received the Spring collection, and you know what that means.

(It means new perfect looks for your every occasion, if you weren’t yet sure)



These are for all you pink lovers! Four mini dresses, perfect for your most special occasions and all super trendy! Take the first two for an example: one shoulder and puffed shoulders are a huuuge trend for this summer, and you would definitely pull this look off and rock at any party you would go to (check out our Trend Report if you want to know more about SS19′ Trends).

Bows are also very in this warm season, and if you’re a very feminine and delicate kind of girl, then this third dress would be your go to look. To add some extra spice, pair it with bold shoes and go extra on your makeup.

And who doesn’t love ruffles and lace? And seriously, even if you don’t, this dress is too perfect for you not to love. I don’t even like pink – and I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it.

Alice McCall, You’re The One For Me Mini Dress, HERE

Alice McCall, Sweet Little Mistery Mini Dress, HERE

Alice McCall, Don’t Forget About Me Mini Dress, HERE

Alice McCall, The Zen Dress, HERE



These four pieces belong together (and in your closet, obviously xx). All flowery, the first two with colourful embroidered details, lighter and fresher, are perfect for more casual events.

The last two, all sparkly, with colors that makes me think of nights that don’t ever end.. Well, they’re your choice if you’re going to a chic cocktail or just a (fancy) night out.

P.S. If you’re thinking the flower pattern is not for you, think again. I know you’re in love with leopard, snake and all animals, really, but the flower pattern will be a big hit this summer, and if you start now, you’ll be dictating the trend and not following it.

Alice McCall, Honeycomb Daisy Crop Top, HERE

Alice McCall, Honeycomb Daisy Off Shoulder, HERE

Alice McCall, Some Kind of Beautiful Mini Dress, HERE

Alice McCall, Some Kind of Beautiful Crop Top, HERE

By: Daniela Rosa, Melie’s Product Manager

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