The days are longer, the sun is brighter and we like to keep it fresher. This year, the warm season is all about statement pieces, sometimes romantic, and other times, bold and edgy.
When you see what is coming, you’ll be wishing these last cold days go by faster. And in the meantime, stay tuned because Melie will have fresh news for you every week. And we already have a preview of what you’ll be wearing for the next months.



This season, stick with earth tones. From the nude, all the way to the brown.

The key to rock this trend is to choose one color and wear it as a total look. It’s even better if your look is fluid, free, almost like you’re living in communion with the Earth itself.

A small piece of advice? Earth tones can be hard to wear, because they can be pretty similar to the color of your skin. Therefore, try to choose the ones that suit you the best. You have a whole spectrum to analyze, so don’t worry, there is not a chance you won’t find the perfect one for you.

At Melie, you’ll find many unique pieces that will make you the star of this trend. Just make sure you stay tuned, because we’ll receive new pieces every week.

Misha Collection, Jordyn Blazer, HERE

Faithfull The Brand,  Tijana Top, HERE

Faithfull The Brand, Scelsi Pants, HERE

Nookie, Romee Ruched Long Sleeve Mini Dress, HERE



We have seen lace for a few seasons now, and I’m actually excited it is sticking around for one more. And why? Because I see lace as the perfect balance between a soft, sweet romance and feminine sensuality. And that makes it a perfect trend to use in almost any occasion.

Probably your mind goes straight to parties when you think about lace. And yes, lace is PERFECT for parties (the image above proves it, right?) but lace can also be a part of your day-to-day wear. Instead of a full lace look, opt for a top and pair it with a plain bottom. You’ll be just fancy enough, but still keeping it casual.

At Melie, we’re big fans of lace (pfff, could you tell by now?) so you can definitely find many options available at the website. Just remember to check out the website every now and then because we’ll have news very often.

For Love and Lemons, Fabienne Midi Dress, HERE

For Love and Lemons, Isabel Embroidered Midi Dress, HERE

Nookie, Hayden Lace Pantsuit, HERE



There’s something about fringes that makes me believe I could become a rockstar just by wearing it. Maybe it’s the bold twist that it gives to every outfit, or maybe it’s just my mind that goes straight to metallics – and that is by definition a rocker outfit.

Maybe you’re thinking that this trend is not for everyone – and although it is a bit riskier than the above mentioned, the way I see it, anyone can wear it. So, maybe you won’t go for the gorgeous Misha Collection Blazer above with the padded shoulder and fringes all over (or you would die to wear it, just like me) but the silver feathered jacket is elegant and trendy, and you could pair it with black trousers to keep it from going too far.

Either way, my advice to you is that you don’t disregard this trend just at first glance. Pay attention to all the news we’ll be posting, and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect piece for you.

Misha Collection, Tori Blazer Dress, HERE

Alice McCall, For Her Dress, HERE

Alice McCall, Shake It Out Dress, HERE



This season, shoulders will become your favourite body part. Seems unlikely, yes, but the truth is that in every fashion show this season models would walk in gorgeous pieces that would make my eyes just go all the way up to the hands, arms, and then finally, the shoulders.

If you’re a fan of Roman History, you know that one shoulder outfits was kind of their thing. This summer, fashion brings these looks back, with long fluid dresses featuring striking necklines that would make every Roman queen jealous.

If you’re an even-neckline type of girls, there’s something for you as well. Puffed shoulders are also a huge trend and you can wear them off your shoulders as well, and who doesn’t love a 2 in 1 look? The rule is, the puffier they are, the trendier you’ll be. Mark my words, you’ll want to rock this trend, and you’ll want to do so in Melie pieces.

C/meo Collective, Nomad Mini Dress, HERE

C/meo Collectione, Elate Top, HERE



Volume, 3-D art, structure. These 3 words come into my mind when I look at all these pieces. What do they have in common? Ruffles. A lot of them.

So, exaggeration. That’s how you’ll be seeing ruffles this season. Whether it’s in dresses, tops, or even bikinis – yeees, summer is finally almost here – the key is to not be afraid to use and abuse because the sky is the limit. Tune it down by pairing it with simple accessories or just don’t tune it down at all (thank you, that’ll be me).

If going over the top is not your thing, ruched dresses are also in and they are a simpler way of bringing structure into your look. Plus, they can be very figure flattering, if you wear them the right way (heels do help).

Anyway, the perfect piece to rock this trend is just sitting around at Melie and is waiting for you to fullfill all of its potential. Don’t let it go to waste!

Alice McCall, The Zen Dress, HERE



Even if you say it, no one has actually had enough of animal prints. Yes, they’re everywhere, but they’re also fun, and edgy (and yes, sexy, if used right). Still, I do think there’s room for other prints, and fashion agrees (or I agree with it, I know).

Long story short, you won’t see 99% of animals but instead, you’ll see a very fun mix and florals will also play a huge part. Just in time, if you ask me, so we can run around matching the gardens and trees around us. Nothing feels more summery than wearing colourful flowers.

When it comes to styling, it’s mix and mix and match. If you pull it off, almost every pattern will look crazy good paired with another pattern that has nothing to do with the first one. If you don’t believe me, you need to try it. And what better place to do so than at Melie?

Faithfull The Brand, Celeste Wrap Skirt, HERE

by: Daniela Rosa, Melie’s Product Manager

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