Almost all of us have a jumpsuit in our closet. Today, it is a very common style, and, more importantly, a very wearable one. But do you know the origins of the jumpsuit look?

The first jumpsuit appeared in the 20’s by the hands of an italian artist called Thayatt created. It was called “Tuta” and it was supposed to be an easily wearable piece. They wore worn in “Dangerous” jobs like parachuting and skydiving. The jumpsuit was actually the first type of clothing ever to go in the Moon!

In the thirties, the French designer Elsa Schiaparelli created the first couture jumpsuits.

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In 1937, Katherine Hepburn brought jumpsuits to Hollywood in the movie “Stage Door”.

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Five years after, the American designer Vera Maxwell designed a jumpsuit worn by millions of working women during WWII that became a symbol of women empowerment. Seems familiar?

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In the sixties and seventies, jumpsuits returned to the catwalks by the hands of André Courrèges and Yves Saint Laurent and quickly became the go-to outfits of some music icons.

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In between the eighties and the late nineties-early 00’s, the jumpsuit was not fashionable AT ALL. However, it started to came back when pop starts like Madonna and Britney Spears wore them in their music clips and looked sexy for real.

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And today, the jumpsuit is a must-have fashion icon, right? It is the key to an effortlessly perfect look and there is one fit for every occasion. Want proof?

 If you need to be elegant and formal, a jumpsuit can definitely do the trick: just see these beautiful red carpet looks.

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But, if you’re looking for a more casual yet super stylish look, a jumpsuit could also be the perfect answer:

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And if you are always a front runner in the trend department, get inspired by these “boiler suit and princess shoes” looks and try one of the coolest emerging trends this season.

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Still not convinced? See our look suggestions and you’ll definitely be <3:


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