Equally city chic and beach casual, Kebelek is a turquish jewelry brand that makes fashionable, high quality accessories for women.

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Kebelek, Eye Pendant Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Oval Eye Pendant Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Eye and Key Long Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Crown Eye Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Eye Long Earrings, HERE

Kebelek, Single Eye Hand Chain, HERE


Kebelek, Eagle Spade Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Delicate Horn Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Eagle Spade Pendant Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Eagle Spade Hand Chain, HERE


Kebelek, Eagle Spade Big Pendant Long Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Small Eye Necklace, HERE

Kebelek, Small Eye Hand Chain, HERE

Kebelek, Big Eye Hand Chain, HERE



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