Behind-the-seams with brand curator for Hay Carmo!, Juliana Cavalcanti.


So, to start with, for anyone who is not sure what being a curator involves day-to-day, can you tell us what you do?

Tell us more about your job and what you love about it.

Being a curator is just part of what I do in a daily basis. But for sure is one of my favourite things in my job. It involves a lot of research, to be always connected to the world and the market to see what is happening, which new brands and trends come along. As we know, fashion is a forever in movement market – we must be always updated. So, when I see some new interesting brand I usually go deeper in contact with it to negotiate the possibility to have it in the shop. But is not only a matter of liking the brand. You also must understand your costumer and your audience to see if it´s suitable for them – they are the most important part of your business. And then comes the second selection: to decide which pieces should be in the floor – usually one collection is too big and it´s important to create a “story”. A coordinated rail is part of a good visual merchandising and makes the brand more interesting for the consumer as well. So its a mix between keeping up with the market and psychology of your audience. 😊


What does your typical working day involves?

It´s never the same. As I am a consultant and work in different projects, I have a very diverse day-by-day. I try to focus my mornings (if I don´t have any meeting) on answering emails, updating and researching online and doing tasks that request more concentration. After lunch I usually go to see clients, I schedule meetings and pass by Hay Carmo shop. The days I have photoshoot to do it´s usually all day to create content. Among all this, I still carry my brand Juu with special collections and collaborations. 😊


What about you? Talk us through your own path into the fashion world. 

It´s a 15 years path in different countries – so quite a complex road. I graduated in Fashion Business School in São Paulo, Brazil, where I had a 5 years professional experience in the market. I worked with my favourite Brazilian brand – a luxury line called NK Store. Than I decided to live abroad and came to Portugal, where I worked with Wholesale in Fashion. One year later I had an offer in London and decided to take, so I went to work at a Fashion Showroom in London. But after one year I was missing Portugal and decided to come back. So I came back to Lisbon and started working at XN Brand Dynamics, a PR Office in Fashion and Lifestyle. I was responsible for the fashion brands – communication strategy and PR. I worked with very good brands, such as Prada, G Star, Custo Barcelona.. It was an important school. After a few years at XN I decided to take a risk and work as a freelancer – the market was changing and the new independent worker era was coming. So I did it and started working in so many different projects in different areas of Fashion – that´s when the more creative part of me was brought up. I had clients where I was a buyer, a curator, a creative director, a communication / branding strategist… And I realised I loved to create and coordinate fashion / lifestyle concepts. That´s also why I decided to do my line – JUU, also to put this creative side into real pieces. Today I maintain this hectic work life – curator, content creator, stylist, branding strategist and designer.



What are the key criteria for choosing something you think might become a best seller?

First of all you must understand your costumer. This is the main demand. Then you must be up-to-date with what is happening in the fashion scene: news on big trends to street style / influencers. You need to “read” and predict the market. Understand how fashion and people work. Then you can have the right criteria on choosing any brand / products to your shop or to any concept. A lot of things comes to the equation: from style to price points. You must know what you can play with.


Talking about Melie. We’re one of Hay Carmo’s curated brands, what is your choice of styles all about? How does it work?

I think about my client – the Hay Carmo shop and it´s concept. And I think about the costumers I already now we have there. With that I can define the main characteristics of the clothing I should select. In addition, I must also think about the rail and how to coordinate the pieces in order to be harmonious – colours and styles.  I love Melie selection and it´s a struggle! I wish I could take it all to the shop. 😊

– How would you describe Melie’s style? And what is your favorite available styles at Hay Carmo?

I describe Melie as a super feminine concept – a shop created to girls and woman that loves to feel beautiful – and also loves to discover new brands around the world in one shop destination. I love how Melie brings us these beautiful brands we can´t find anywhere physically close to us. In a world full of fast fashion everywhere, is so good to have a more exclusive concept


ju-3_01How would you describe Hay Carmo’s customer and how do they differ to other concept stores in Lisbon?

With less than 2 months old is still a discovery. But we can already have an idea – and I can describe the costumer I always thought about for Hay Carmo. Hay Carmo is a different concept, it´s a shop that aims to create an experience to the costumer. To offer a calm and exclusive environment where the client can relax and enjoy his time – with our terrace and café / bar. Also, it´s an open minded public, that is seeking for new independent brands, that wants to have new things constantly but from new concepts you can´t find easily. We want the costumer to trust us – they will always find beautiful exclusive things at a really relaxed space.

ju-3_05What’s the part of the job that makes it all worth it? 

To see the result of what I do. To see people happy with the things I create or I curate. To bring beauty and joy to the world through my ideas. To understand human beings and give them what they want – but that sometimes they don´t know they do.


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