Dressing up for the sparkly season is a fun (and shiny) task. For Love & Lemons new pieces will make it a whole lot easier.

Scroll to see how.

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The Holidays are for celebrating, and a party isn’t the same without the perfect look. Check out the coolest sparkliest looks ever.

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We’re not astrologists, but we do give good fashion advice. Check out the perfect styles for each zodiac sign. Continue Reading

There are incoming pieces from Australia and you won’t be able to forget them once you see them. Ready? Continue Reading

Welcoming the new season is easier covered in gold. Not only because you’ll look ready for anything, but because you’ll be as trendy as it gets.

As seen on the Fashion Week’s runways, gold looks are one of FW19′ biggest trends. No matter if you’re wearing a dress, a jumpsuit or a matching set, you just need to keep one thing in mind: it needs to rock, it has to be glittery and it will look super cool.

Obviously, this trend is perfect for the best parties you have on your calendar (and New Year’s Eve is almost up!) but you can rock it during the day as well. Just takes a little more confidence… But once you look in the mirror, you’ll know you’re completely right.

Melie’s gold selection includes pieces from Misha Collection, Alice McCall and For Love and Lemons, among others.
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These are the pieces you can’t live without. And they are almost selling out…

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Almost nothing can compare to the feeling of finding just. the. right. boots! So be prepared to be super excited in 3… 2… 1…

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Meet Estella Bartlett, Melie’s most recend Accessories & Gifting brand.The Brittish lifestlyle brand was created in 2011 by brother and sister Nick and Louise Bartlett. It is defined by its playfully chic approach to accessories.

The concept of the brand is positive, inspiring, modern and playful, while all pieces are created to be the perfect gift. That is why Estella Bartlett’s packaging includes a card that allows the customer to write a message.

All collections are designed by Louise, the brand’s Creative Director. She draws her inspiration from trips to Paris and Tokyo, antique markets, memories of a childhood spent in the Caribbean, the countryside of her New Forest family home, and the urban life surrounding her Primrose Hill apartment.

The brand was born after Nick, who had been running a jewelry business for eight years, suggested to his sister that they should go into business together, because he believed that they could create something special. And the truth is that the brand was a quick success and the pieces are so beautiful we couldn’t resist. And you won’t be able to as well.

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Halloween is almost here (which can be see by the black cats, skeletons, witches and pumpkins on the loose) and it’s the only day in the year in which outfits are supposed to be super scary. But scary doesn’t mean not fashionable.

For us, it’s truly just an excuse to wear all black (like you needed one). Or to put some extra makeup on (again, no excuses necessary). Check out our selection below and get inspired by the spooky season.

Or, if you’re totally feeling a costume, just go with it. But still, check out these looks because there is no such thing as too many black outfits in your closet.

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bkr is Melie’s newest acquisition. The accessories’ brand was created in 2011 and has already achieved cult status. The concept of the brand is simple: inner and outer beauty are connected. This was exactly what best friends and co-founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler were thinking about when they created bkr: drinking water is key for soft and pretty skin – and therefore, hydrating should be easy.
bkr’s first product was a Water Bottle, reusable, of course, but available in many sizes and colors. However, the hydration problem wasn’t completely solved: both co-founders felt that although they drank a lot of water everyday, they still had dry lips. And then, they had an idea: why not create as well a Lip Balm that can be used with the Bottle?

By creating a beauty product, they added to bkr’s commitment of holistic hydration, clean beauty and welness. The Kiss Kits quickly achieved cult status and are being used by people who know to start inside for a pretty outside.

The Bottles, Lip Balms and Compact Caps are available individually and in a Kiss Kit.

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