Meet your new favorite accessories!

GUSTOKO is a portuguese brand created and curated by Paula Figueras with a social purpose at heart: celebrating Filipino Artistry

by bringing local and unique handmade products to the rest of the world, and therefore supporting Philippine’s local livelihood and manufacturing.

The result are beautiful clutches, handbags, bracelets and rings that you’ll love to have.

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Who doesn’t love Alice McCall? It’s got everything: romance, a flair of sexy and class. We have just received the Spring collection, and you know what that means.

(It means new perfect looks for your every occasion, if you weren’t yet sure)

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The days are longer, the sun is brighter and we like to keep it fresher. This year, the warm season is all about statement pieces, sometimes romantic, and other times, bold and edgy.
When you see what is coming, you’ll be wishing these last cold days go by faster. And in the meantime, stay tuned because Melie will have fresh news for you every week. And we already have a preview of what you’ll be wearing for the next months.

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No, you’re not dreaming. It’s just that these new For Love and Lemon pieces look

so dreamy they look unreal. But trust us, they’re here – but probably not for long.

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Started you holiday shopping and already deperate for ideas?
Well, Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone in your family or a gift on a budget for Secret Santa, we’ve got you covered. 
Check out our selection below.

BLOG2Melie, Nassau Bracelet, HERE (EUR 16.90)
Melie, Cayman Bracelet, HERE (EUR 16.90)
Mykonos Bracelet, HERE (EUR 16.90)

BLOG3Seashell Bracelet, HERE (EUR 24.90)
Camila Ring, HERE (EUR 25.00)
Ariel Earrings*, HERE (EUR 29.00)
Gabriela Earrings, HERE (EUR 22.00)

UNDER 50€BLOG4Ariel Necklace*, HERE (EUR 49.00)
Lilly Necklace, HERE (EUR 45.00)
Lilly Necklace, HERE (EUR 45.00)
Maggie Necklace*, HERE (EUR 42.00)

blog5Blake Necklace, HERE (EUR 69.00)
Nati Necklace, HERE (EUR 89.00)
Vicky Necklace, HERE (EUR 89.00)
Tasha Necklace, HERE (EUR 79.00)

blog6NEW IN
Adeline Bag, HERE (EUR 299.00)

If you have not chosen one already, go to our website. You won’t leave empty-handed. ♡

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The Creative Director of Melie, Sofia, is giving us her inside tips

on styling her favourite Melie pieces.

Fall ready wardrobe!

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– The best of Fall –

Fall is officially underway – and to ensure you’re prepared we’re bringing you a few of truly essentials pieces. Continue Reading

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